It is time to choose the best candidates for the 2020 BCNU Elections. You have three options for the Executive Councillor for Pensions and Seniors Care.


Why is Chris Armeanu the right choice to lead our BCNU Pensions portfolio?

-Comprehensive and current knowledge of the many complex intricacies involved with Pensions in BC and Canada 

-Multiple academic and training courses directly related to Pension Plans, Trust Management, Investments, Governance and Leadership, including

               1.Retirement Plans Associate designation

               2.Advanced Trust Management Systems designation 

               3.Advance Investment Literacy designation

               4.Queen's Certificate in Governance and Leadership Excellence

-Revitalized and transformed the BCNU Pension Workshops for better knowledge and easier understanding 

-Produced and delivered the first web based Pension workshop 

-Computer Science Degree 

-Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing

-Solid business administration and financial knowledge 



From our current Contract, we now have a unique opportunity to hold a Pension review, with every BCNU member both currently working and retired having a vote about whether to change our current Pension plan, or to keep it the same within the MPP. BCNU has been undergoing this important work related to this review, with the results of that background information planned to be shared with the membership starting in Fall 2020. Before a general vote will take place, members will have ample opportunities to get full information and clarity about what their options are, and any pros and cons related to each option.

The Executive Councillor for Pensions and Seniors Care will be the guiding voice for this information and discussions during these planned education sessions related to the Pension review. This will require possessing current and detailed knowledge regarding:

-Pensions and Benefits Standards Act

-Public Pensions Act

-Income Tax Act

-Family Law Act

-Employment Standards Act

-Wills and Estates Act

-MPP Plan design

-MPP Joint Trust Agreement 

-MPP Statement of Investments Policies and Procedures SIPP 

-NBA Collective Agreement

-Retiree Benefit Fund (RBP)

-Inflation projections and Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA)

-Investments in the Public and Private financial markets 

-Finances and Wealth Management


Before you vote please ask yourself these vital Pensions questions: 

-Do I want an Executive Councillor who already has all of the detailed knowledge related this massive undertaking? 

-Can a new Executive Councillor be able to acquire all of the required background and  detailed knowledge in a matter of weeks, especially since it can take several years to acquire that same expertise?

-If a majority of BCNU ultimately vote to change our Pension, can a new Executive Councillor have the abilities to provide the leadership and guidance to expertly guide us through that change process? 

-Who is ready right now to deliver these important details?


Chris already possess all of the knowledge and expertise needed and he is equipped now! He is ready to inform the membership and lead the review process and any changes that the membership might vote to make! This also applies for being an integral part of the design  process for a new and improved Nurses Pension Plan should the majority of BCNU members vote for making a brand new NPP.


Re-elect Chris Armeanu for Executive Councillor - Pensions and Seniors Care and vote for your Pension future now!

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