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Putting My Experience
to Work

Hard work and dedication are the calling cards that I hope represented me in the last three years. It is time now to remember that. When was the last time we celebrated our efforts?


Let’s not forget to celebrate our success, for the sake of team spirit and improvement in performance! There are several reasons why we should recognize team success if we aren't doing so already! But first things first, how do we define success? Success doesn’t always have to be linked to monetary gains or a long-term effort. Success is worth celebrating whenever a goal is achieved, be it short or long term, individual or team.

Since 2018, I had started a few new initiatives. A new policy was created to streamline the booking system for workshops throughout the province. We developed and refined the Pension Workshop to fit with an electronic delivery system in order to increase reach to rural and remote areas. The content was modified in order to include the recently negotiated language about a Nursing Pension Plan Review. Outreach to members included regional meetings and targeted groups such as Members with Disability and Young Nurses Network. A new tool was implemented in order to increase engagement- Ask a Pension Question card.

All new initiatives and achievements were only possible due to concerted efforts from BCNU Leadership and Staff. Collectively we were able to deliver on an ambitious plan to transform the Pension Landscape for our Nurses.

Are we done yet? Certainly not, and the Pension Department at BCNU continues to evolve with one of the most important decisions to be made – The vote of all members active and retired regarding the Nursing Pension Plan.


The Nursing Pension Plan will revolutionize the way Nurses control their own destiny when it comes to pensions and health benefits upon retirement. There is a high degree of expertise available in our team that will ensure completion and delivery of such an ambitious project.

We are called to be innovators and courageous leaders. The most important goal is that after we are gone, the world is a better place and our legacy will live for a long time if not forever.

Building and maintaining a strong team is a challenging job. We should take pride in our team’s success by celebrate it. Whenever someone achieves a goal, it is time to show our appreciation in a timely and public manner. Recognize team achievement and all workforce will be more engaged, motivated and loyal. Another angle should be recognizing organizational success. It starts with Strategic Planning every year and filters through all departments. It is key to plan carefully and execute on that plan for success.


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